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Floors To Go Offers a Diverse and Affordable Choice of Laminate Flooring That Costs Less Than Hardwood or Carpet

Laminate flooring provides more important benefits than any other flooring material on the market today. Moreover, it will cost you less than half of what you’d have to pay for hardwood and is also less costly than many carpets.

Laminate flooring saves you money over the long term too, because you will not have to replace it for many years. Laminate flooring doesn’t fade due to the UV rays in direct sunlight and is strongly resistant to impacts, stains and scratches as well. This benefit comes from the exceptionally durable melamine plastic coating that laminate flooring manufacturers apply on the top surface of laminate flooring materials.
Laminate flooring features a tough core underneath that will stand up to 1,250 pounds per square inch of pressure. Laminate flooring installation is also much easier than hardwood and other products. It never requires any special glue, because it uses a tongue and groove click system where you literally snap the laminate sections together. The kind of sub-floor you have doesn’t matter either, since laminate floors do not have to be glued down or nailed down. Instead, it just floats, which means that it can be set on top of concrete, wood, plywood, or even an existing vinyl floor. Most laminate floors can also be set in place directly over radiant heated concrete.

Furthermore, thanks to the wide selection of domestic and exotic tree species patterns and textures to choose from that precisely replicate real wood, you also have virtually unlimited design choices. This diversity, coupled with the very affordable cost, makes laminate flooring a great investment for homeowners. Cleaning laminate flooring is really easy too. You’ll never need to use any wax or polish; all your floor will require is a dust mop or vacuum, followed by a pass over with a damp mop.
Laminate flooring offers real benefits to people with asthma or allergies, because it’s simple to keep clean and never absorbs dust like carpet does. It’s also an extremely sanitary product, due to having an airtight locking system and plastic exterior that creates an effective shield against moisture. Furthermore, it does not shrink or expand like natural hardwood, and if moisture finds a way to penetrate it, or if serious damage is somehow done to the surface coating or core, laminate flooring can be simply and affordably replaced.

Floors to Go will be pleased to tell you much more about laminate flooring and show you actual samples at the same time. Phone us, e-mail us, or stop in to our store and showroom in Sarasota at your convenience to discuss your interest in new laminate flooring with one of our flooring consultants.
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